Purchase of coins

Would you like to sell coins, medals, gold or silver? With us you have the choice between a cash purchase or an auction consignment.
We prefer to clarify which option is the better one for you during a personal conversation, which we can conduct with you by telephone or in our shop in Innsbruck.

Sell ​​gold, silver, medals or coins and get instant cash

Coins and medals are popular collector’s items, often of great value. They are often obtained through inheritances and estates even though the recipients may not have in depth knowledge of these old treasures. If you are one of those people who would like to sell an inheritance or his own collection, simply contact us. Based on our many years of experience, we can provide you with an initial assessment on the phone and inform you of the various possibilities. You may also want to change your collection type and focus on specific coins. Also, in this case, we help you with your coin purchase. We purchase single coins, as well as complete collections. In addition, we are also interested in gold and silver. When we purchase silver or gold coins from you, we always pay the best price depending on the current gold and silver prices. If you bring them to our shop in Innsbruck, you will receive cash immediately.

Auctioning coins at an auction

An alternative to the cash purchase of coins is the submission to an auction. We regularly organize coin auctions, which are not only followed by the interested parties on site. For our coin trade, we also utilise the possibilities of the Internet by increasing the number of potential buyers greatly. Our coin auctions are broadcasted live on the numis24.com auction platform. Through this platform, passionate coin collectors and other interested parties can place their bids before the auction and live during the auction. Bidding is also possible via mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Even a trip is therefore no obstacle to participating in an auction. The dates of our coin auctions will also be announced well in advance. We create a catalogue for each auction, in which we describe all lots extensively along with pictures. Passionate coin collectors therefore have enough time to look at the individual coins and to submit a preliminary bid if they are interested. In addition, the numis24.com auction platform regularly sends out newsletters informing its registered users about upcoming auctions and special offers. numis24.com is Austria’s most important platform in the field of coin auctions and is therefore known to virtually every numismatist who uses the Internet.

In the case of an auction consignment, we take over all services such as the inclusion of the coins in the catalogue, the auction and the handover to the buyer. All you have to do is sit back and wait for our transfer. If you wish, you can of course also follow the auction online.

If you would like to sell coins at an auction, please contact us by phone or email. If you live in or near Innsbruck, or are planning a visit to the city, you can also visit our shop. It is located at Adamgasse 5; please make an appointment in advance so that we can schedule in sufficient time for you.

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