How does a live auction for coins work?

With a live auction on the Internet, you can take part in a coin auction from the comfort of your home, workplace or any other location. As usual, it takes place in a hall, but can be followed remotely via an Internet platform. You can submit your bids via this platform. This is possible from a home PC, but also via a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone. You can therefore participate in a live coin auction yourself during a holiday or business trip. In this way, you will never miss an opportunity to bid for coins that are still missing in your collection. In addition, you can save yourself the trip to the places where the coin auctions take place.


Track the progress of the professional auction of your own coins online

An online auction is also a good way to follow the auction of your own coins live. With us, you can deliver individual coins or complete coin collections for an auction, for example from an estate. We take over all activities from the listing in the auction catalogue to the acceptance of the bids and the completion of the sale. In this case, the auction also takes place online, so that you can follow the progress on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Just make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee on the sofa and watch the selling price continue to rise. Alternatively, you can also sell your coins directly to us. With this option, you know your price from the outset.

Live auctions in Austria – on the platform

Online auctions in Austria usually take place on the auction platform There you have the possibility – as with any classical coin auction – to have a look at the auction catalogue in advance and to search for coins of interest to you. All items are described in detail and are provided with an estimated price and pictures. The images can be enlarged as needed to view all the details and to make a decision for or against a bid. Pre-bidding is also possible, so that you do not necessarily have to bid at the time of the auction via the so-called live bidding system. In addition, you can also place your bid at live auctions by letter, fax, telephone or email. In this case, you only follow the auction via the platform and are always informed about its progress.

Setting up an account on the auction platform

For the participation in online auctions in Austria, prior registration on the respective auction platform is required. To ensure that all bidders are reputable, when registering on the platform, enter your postal address and contact details such as your telephone number and email address. While doing so, you can subscribe to the free newsletter to be informed in time about upcoming coin auctions. After successful registration, you only need your email address and the password you have chosen to log into the platform. In your personal account, you will always have a clear overview of all the bids you have placed and can add more with just a few clicks.

  • Auktionsplattform

  • Auction catalogue available in advance

  • Pre-bids possible

  • Live bidding is not necessary

  • Bids by letter, fax, telephone and e-mail are possible

  • Platform registration required