About us

As the only coin auction house in Tyrol, V. L. Nummus offers you a comprehensive range of coin-related services. You can sell your coins to us and exchange them for cash immediately. It is also possible to place individual items or a complete collection in our next auction. It simultaneously takes place in a hall and on the numis24.com auction platform. On this website, which is accessible via PC and mobile via smartphone, laptop or tablet, interested parties can place their bids from any location.

Our auctions therefore always have a large reach. In the case of a placement in a coin auction, we take over all work from the creation of the description and photographs, to all financial matters after the auction. Passionate numismatists will also find coins for sale in our two webshops, which can be purchased conveniently via the Internet.


Our managing directors Alfredo Vitola and Luca Luciani

V. L. Nummus is managed by Alfredo Vitola and Luca Luciani. Alfredo Vitola completed his degree in Applied Arts in Italy in 1989 and briefly studied history, art history and archaeology at the University of Innsbruck. He always had a very special interest in coins from an early age. He is now Vice President of the Austrian Coin Dealers Association (VÖM). This association was founded in 1989 and only accepts dealers who have the appropriate expertise and the necessary scientific tools. A further criterion for membership is the obligatory declaration to pay purchase and sale prices corresponding with market conditions, and to guarantee the authenticity of all items offered.

Our service – estimates and appraisals for Austria and Italy

In addition to the coin trade in Innsbruck, Alfredo Vitola is dedicated to the provision of estimates and expert appraisals. These are often required for inheritances and the settlement of other legal matters. In addition, they are often a prerequisite for taking out insurance. Last but not least, appraisals are often also requested solely for personal interest, or in preparation for a subsequent sale in the Austrian coin trade. As an expert in Tyrol, Alfredo Vitola works for private individuals as well as for courts, lawyers, notaries and estate administrators. He is court-sworn, so his expert opinions are recognized by Austrian courts. Luca Luciani is responsible for the preparation of expert appraisals required for proceedings before Italian courts.

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