Would you like to sell individual coins from your collection or change your collection type? Have you inherited coins and prefer cash? We are your partner for all these matters! As the only coin auction house in Tyrol, we sell your coins for you at the best prices or buy them right away. We are happy to inform you about the best option for you.

V. L. NUMMUS OG – led by two sworn appraisers from Tyrol and Italy

V. L. Nummus, a company managed by the numismatists Alfredo Vitola and Luca Luciani, has been active in the coin trade for many years. As a member of the Austrian Coin Dealers Association (VÖM), whose vice-president is Vitola, it has assumed the responsibility to always check the authenticity of coins when they are purchased and sold, and to pay fair market prices for all transactions. With us, your coins are in the hands of serious experts who deal with valuable collections and unique items on a daily basis. Estimates and providing expert appraisals are also part of our daily business. As a sworn expert, Mr. Vitola provides you with expert appraisals which are recognized by the Austrian courts. His expert appraisals are an important basis for the evaluation of the estate in many negotiations such as probate proceedings.

  • Alfredo Vitola & Luca Luciani

  • Purchase and sale of Coins

  • Authenticity verification

  • Appraisals & estimates

Auctioning single coins and complete collections at a coin auction

If you intend to auction your coins with us to achieve the best possible price, we offer competence, expertise, know-how, have over 5000 international customers and can provide you with worldwide contacts. Our printed and professionally produced catalogues are shipped across the world, and our auctions can be viewed worldwide on Internet platforms. Registered customers can be virtually present in the bidding-hall worldwide and bid LIVE. Furthermore, you can submit pre-bids on


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After delivery of the coins to the auction, the receipt of money is awaited in a pleasant and relaxed manner

We ensure smooth and as fast as possible processing; our consignors are paid out after 5 weeks We receive the money from the respective buyers and transfer it to you. Our service therefore allows you to sit back once the coins are delivered and wait for the receipt of the money. You are also welcome to follow our auction online in order to already inform yourself of the realized prices during the auction. This is even possible from your holiday home via smartphone or tablet.


How does a live auction work?